DC and Marvel are always competing against each other. They are an eternal ‘nemesis’ for each other, always trying to get the better control over their creation and any productions related to them.

As if their competition in the comic industry isn’t enough, they are still competing against each other in the movie industry. It seems that both parties are trying to come up with their own universe, with each flick is released still in relation with one another. For instance, the Marvel Cinematic Universe starts with Thor, Captain America, Avenger, and others – even the TV series of Agent Carter and the Agents of SHIELDS are still related to one another. And DC follow suits with its own DC Extended Universe covering Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and others following – The Flash and Aquaman will follow suit.

And now, it seems that DC has a change of plan when it comes to their total work of art. Initially, the big and top producers thought that the darker the movies, the better it will be. But after the release of Man of Steel, Suicide Squad, and also Batman v Superman, and the series of not so good critics, reviews, and feedbacks, the top people have a change of heart. If they want their project to be successful, they should come with something different.

After all, it seems that both the universes have different results and outcomes. Whereas Marvel has its glory and success, DC is still pretty much struggling for their success. And it gets the top people at DC and Warner Brothers to re-think their previous decision about the dark tone and mood for their upcoming movies. Based on the interviews of Wall Street Journal done to the top names for the DC’s development, they were surprised to see that the results of the movies have been so far disappointing. According to Geoff Johns, the Chief Creative Officer, and DC Comics President, it seems that they have interpreted the movies all wrong, and they have to do something to change it.

The fact that most of the stories are gloomy and dark doesn’t automatically make it good or even worth watching. And the top names have been doing it all wrong by thinking that the more mysterious the atmosphere, the more different they will be. For the future reference, it is expected that new improvements and changes will be happening. Even with a small and slight change, there should be at least a little bit of hope in the movies – not all dark and gloomy.

The DC fans have complained about the dark and gloom tone by stating that Superman has never smiled, and Batman even killed people. And hopefully, the upcoming Justice League should be able to fix it all. Zack Snyder will be responsible for the production, and he has been working together with Chris Terrio, the scriptwriter, to change the tone. Hopefully, they do bring new light and hope for the upcoming flick set to release around the 2nd of June 2017.

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